Bankonthip – Sewing and Tailoring School

Bankonthip is the name of the tailoring and sewing workshop built inside the Holy Family Catholic Center.
A very original and meaningful name:
“Ban” means “home”
“Kon” means “hand”
“Thip” means “special” in the  poetic language.


From the beginning, the Center’s cardinal points have been training and literacy; but, as theoretical education immediately requires practical application, the workshop was created with adequate equipment for the production of artistic items with hand-made and embroidered fabrics.
After completing the training, the young girls can find work in the tailor’s shops of the city, where they are appreciated for their ability.

The laboratory, as well as a workplace, becomes a time of integral training of the person. It’s here where the unmistakable lifestyle of the Center is born and flourishes, the originality and validity of a truly unique training and educational experience.
At the Center they live a simple life, in harmony with the environment, without making too big projects but trying to do the best possible day after day, based on a feeling of mutual brotherhood.
In addition to the workshop inside the Center, there is also a shop where the products made in the school are displayed.


Thanks to its intervention, AMICI Betharram Onlus supports the Holy Family Catholic Centre




Young girls



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