Ofhthalmic Center

An ophthalmic Center, was opened in Bouar, a city 500 north-west of the capital Bangui, inside the “Saint Michel” Care Center, in March 2019.
This project was born from the increasingly frequent demand for this type of service, which could only be carried out in a Hospital in the capital Bangui.
With the opening of the ophthalmic clinic, both patients in the care of the Center, the population of of Bouar and the surrounding villages will benefit from this new service.


One of the objectives is to have fewer people with visual problems so, in the future they can be self-sufficient and are not a burden on their families.
The building and its opening were only possible thanks to the support of AMICI Betharram Onlus and the SIRIRI association (Czech Republic).


Thanks to your help, AMICI Betharram Onlus Association can support the eye cares for the population of Bouar and Nana-Mambere Region


Opening year


Eye exams (Year 2019)

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