“Saint Michel” Care Center

The “Saint Michel” Care Center, inaugurated on 19 June 2010, coordinates, within the Diocese of Bouar, the prevention and treatment of people suffering from sexually transmitted infections, who are positive for the HIV virus or affected by AIDS.

The aim and ambition of the Center is to ensure all round care for the patient.

Currently The “Saint Michel” Care Center  has over 1000 patients in its care.
The assistance isn’t limited to the administering of anti-retro viral drugs but it’s attentive to the basic needs of the patients’: nutrition, rest, hygiene, work, social life, psychology.
These are patients who need security, familiarity, stability, information and protection.
In addition to the normal prevention and treatment activities the Center, ensures a comprehensive care of the patient; nutritional support, home visits and possible hospitalizations in specialized health centers.


It is managed by Fr. Angelo Sala, originally from Desio, assisted by a nun, local technicians, nurses and volunteers.



Medical consultations (Year 2019)





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