Father Urbani: “Thank you for your closeness and support”

Father Urbani: “Thank you for your closeness and support”

Dear friends, an affectionate greeting to all of you” – with these words begins the letter written by Father Arialdo Urbani after a few weeks of “bed rest” following the accident that occurred on 5 May, when, concluded the visit to some village schools savannah, while traveling the road to return to the mission of Niem (Central African Republic) his jeep jumped on a mine hidden on the side of the road (here the article).

“Today I’ m in the third week” – continues Father Urbani – “and I have to wait a little longer to resume the daily routine because my right shoulder and left leg still cause me pain and I cannot make great efforts! Thinking back to those moments I have to thank the Good Lord for being still alive!

Emotion and gratitude are the first feelings that I wish to share for your closeness and immediate interest and support. Also i don’t hide the fact that I ‘m very impressed by seeing so many people from Niem and the villages, coming to visit me and ask about my state of health: these “are my people” for whom I have given my time and my life.
With God’s help, I hope to be able to recover soon and to be able to give them something more of myself.
To all of you again THANKS, God bless protect you,

with affection Fr. Arialdo“.


Fundraising continues for the project “A jeep for the schools of the Niem mission project” organized by AMICI Betharram Onlus, with the aim of purchasing a new vehicle, to replace the one that was destroyed, necessary to transport aid and material to support the 13 schools opened and followed by Father Urbani, through Village School – Sponsor a Child project, in the Niem district.

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