Holy Family Catholic Centre

The AMICI Betharram Onlus Association supports the Holy Family Catholic Center, a center founded in 1972 in Ban Pong, in Northern Thailand, in the province of Chiang Rai, where the Akha ethnic group lives.


In the last decades, Thai society has undergone a rapid transformation and, as a consequence, the ethnic minorities have been losing their identity.
The best way to help these people is to educate the new generation, to meet the society in which they will have to live, providing education, at least basic, and facilitating their insertion into the world of work.


It’s for this reason that the Holy Family Catholic Center was created: where young girls and boys, who leave their home, arrive to gain an education that  they wouldn’t have received had remained to their villages.
At the Holy Family Catholic Center they live a simple life, in harmony with the environment, without undertaking large projects, but trying to do the best possible, day after day, based on a feeling of mutual brotherhood.





Young girls



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