Welcome to new website

Welcome to new website

Welcome to the new AMICI Betharram Onlus association institutional website; the association that supports social, health and human promotion projects in the mission where live fathers of Betharram!


Through this website, you can learn more about our organization and what is being done.
This website is designed to facilitate the navigation and allow everyone to find the information you want quickly and easily.
It doesn’t want to be just a “simple website”, but a sort of “travel diary” continuously updated with the news from the lands where the association operates; wiith pages of the individual projects where it’s also possible to download the complete description file.
A travel diary written also with the “voice” of the volunteers through their testimonials.
A travel diary that will take us to know the AMICI association’s activities in Central African Republic, Thailand, and Ivory Coast, through words, images and videos.


Let us know what you think!
Do not hesitate to contact us to report any malfunctions or other problems you may encounter, or write to us if you’re looking for informations that you don’t find and you want to know.


So we just have to wish a good “journey” … at “our” side!

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